VM Music Empire

VMism is a different style of hip hop music founded by rapper artist Vahe Mnatsakanyan who is the composer and lyricist of his songs. The ideology of VMism in manifested in its lyrical content, which is didactic, contrastive, deeply philosophical and metaphorical. The contribution of orchestral instruments with the rhymes of hip hop makes VMism victorious and everlasting. The content of songs is based on real experience, coming from the artist’s past, learning from the present and constructing the future. It’s all about the artist Vahe Mnatsakanyan; struggle for existence, unity, respect and compassion. Vahe Mnatsakanyan thinks that VMism has large prospects as it is recruiting more and more people under its roof.

Our Solution

Working with this unique artist we provided best design solutions to his specific hip hop style needs. We have created impressive website featuring the ideology of his music and songs.