Pho Citi

In 1995, one couple made the decision to build a pho restaurant in the Los Angeles area. They envisioned a restaurant that would transcend all other Vietnamese eateries, an aspiration that would introduce the ethnic cuisine to a completely new audience— a new generation. They foresaw a bistro that would be marked by beauty, eloquence, and fine dining. It would be a significant break from Vietnamese fast-food as well as an introduction to the deep, untouched abyss of the authentic recipes and styles of Vietnamese traditions. With their first few stores firmly established, the couple soon saw that it would take more than Vietnamese heritage to build a successful and commendable Pho restaurant.

Our Solution

When we learnt about client need of quality restaurant menu, we knew that a good restaurant menu design is a key element to any restaurant’s marketing plan. Our goal was to generate outstanding results by using great graphic language to create enough of an impression so that it stays with customers for a long time to come back or recommend it to family and friends. All photos of food plates presented on the menu are real and genuine plates photographed by our photographer. Our customized menu became Pho Citi’s primary mean of representation.
We also developed a web site for the client to obtain recognition with their authentic Vietnamese cuisine.