One Light One Hope

“One Light One Hope” is a non profit charity foundation, whose projects are supported by number of volunteers, known singers and actors both from Armenia and the United States.The project mainly targets the families in extreme financial need living in distant villages in Armenia, orphans and the social groups who have been ignored long ago. Foundation provides clothes, shoes, toys and everything else to low income families in need.
Children living in extreme poor families are provided with financial and material assistance to buy school uniforms, books and other necessary school supplies. There are also planning housing projects for many houseless or roofless families to improve their lifestyle. Extremely sick or disabled children are provided with financial help to afford their medical expenses.
"One Light One Hope” charity foundation is very thankful and grateful to its supporters for cooperation.

Our Solution

We have created successful brand identity through the attractive and recognizable logo, business cards and other branding elements for One Light One Hope Foundation to achieve recognition among diaspora Armenians and increase the number of volunteers and supporters. Making online donations through the website was a helpful tool for the foundation to fulfill a number of its projects in Armenia as well as inform volunteers about done and upcoming projects.