Men's Wave

Men’s Wave Barber Shop is a traditional barber shop located in Los Angeles. It is just about the most beautiful barber shop you’ll find in area. For five decades n hairstyling and grooming business Men’s Wave has been the authority on effortless style.

Now more than ever, people are turning to the internet to find all the services they need and even someone to trim their hair. We’ve developed online barber shop marketing strategies to direct attention toward Men’s Wave barbershop. For the design of Men’s Wave logo I got inspiration from minimalistic illustrations with sharp and clean lines. My aim was to obtain a fresh, modern, easily recognized logo.

We established online presence and created barber shop stationery items of envelope, business card, gift card, package, letterhead, scissors in new, fun, and modern way to make the brand more memorable.

Services Provided

Brand identity
Landing page design
Stationery Design
App UI/UX Design