MDM Rehearsal Studios

MDM Studio is one of LA's premier, full service rehearsal and production studios that offers comfortable, clean, and secure facility to performers, producers, photographers, and filmmakers at low cost. With 11 different size studios, each in its own unique style, sound-proofed, fully back-lined, equipped with latest gears for rehearsal, production, and more, MDM Studio guarantees the best experience to its clients.
MDM Studio’s mission is to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide best solutions in sound and environment dynamics for a wide array of musicians. In the comfort of MDM Studios musicians are able to brainstorm, sketch, write, act, perform, and most importantly, perfect new and old material.

Our Solution

With a mission to provide best, fully equipped rehearsal and production studios in LA, MDM Studio wanted to increase the value of the business through brand development and establish an online presence displaying their extensive inventory. A simple, classic and strong logo was delivered supported with a bold and distinctive visual language. We also built a fast, responsive website that allows users to learn about MDM Studio products and services, review floor plans, watch videos of rental studios and look through the large variety of musical instruments, equipments, and accessories for rent and retail.