It is recommended to consume 2 cups of fruits daily in order to maintain good health. Unfortunately, only 11% of Americans consume the daily recommended amount of fruits. Majority of people developed wrong eating habits that are devoting their health.
FruitsMax’s main aim was to produce a product that delivers what nature intends. Made from 21 fruits harvested from mineral rich volcanic soils in environmentally clean areas (no GMO), FruitsMax is an excellent source of diverse natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and hundreds of phytonutrients. As the combination of those nutrients is more important than the abundance of any single one in isolation, FruitsMax has carefully selected a wide range of colorful fruits to be able to provide the best combination of body-beneficial nutrients in one tablet. 
FruitsMax is absolutely committed to creating products that matter.

Our Solution

Our challenge was to develop full branding identity that was more inviting, better communicated the values of FruitsMax product. Additionally, we were expected to work on designing a website that would illuminate the usefulness of the product as well as provide a smooth check out experience for its customers.
Our work together has resulted in development of vivid company brand identity executed through a host of deliverables including print, sales support materials and functional, dynamic website with shopping card that would lead them to a bigger success.. We helped the client to achieve maximum exposure on the Internet by presenting the best possible image for the product.