Dragonfly Skincare

Every woman desire to have beautiful and radiant skin to embrace her own, unique beauty with glowing personality. Dragonfly Skincare offers a complete line of skin care products targeting specific skin concerns. With its new and effective anti-aging and acne care solutions for every skin type Dragonfly Skincare offers perfect face care and skincare products to its customers for their radiating confidence and revitalized look. Along with skin care lines and products, Dragonfly Skincare also developed a new, unique product that helps lengthen, thicken, and darken thin and damaged lashes, making them appear brighter and more youthful. With age women naturally lose some of their young beauty. Dragonfly Skincare products are designed to keep women's always look attractive with healthy and glowing skin.

Our Solution

Working closely with Dragonfly Skincare our goal was to clarify and refine the project goals by narrowing down the target audience. We have created successful brand identity and functional website featuring all products and skin care lines developed by the client. The company dramatically increased the number of customers and improved its sales through the website designed for customers to create their personal accounts an make quick and easy online orders.