CGIFS Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

Since 1995, CGIFS Insurance & CGIFS Insurance & Financial Services Inc. is proud to provide life and health insurance coverage to thousands of families across the State of California, as well as financial products for individuals, businesses and their employees. CGIFS Insurance agency is committed to partnering with the highest rated carriers who have at least a 100 year history behind them. In this complex and constantly changing world CGIFS Insurance designs programs to help its customers achieve financial security.  Successful people are often simply too busy to coordinate all of their assets into a systematic program. Their insurance, investments, estate analysis, college education planning, retirement planning and asset allocation are normally handled by a variety of financial services professionals who work independently. CGIFS insurance agency begins with a thorough audit of clients’ present financial situation to see where they stand, and only then they begin to design a program specifically for each client's needs.

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with CGIFS Insurance & Financial Services Inc. to clarify and refine the project goals and customers needs. Providing customers with an easy way to access information and get their insurance quotes quickly at any time anywhere became our primary goal. We created an informative and educative website for customers to find the right coverage for their needs at the best price. We met all their specific needs by creating successful brand identity and effective functional website to help the agency improve their sales.