We appreciate anything that makes life a little easier and were thrilled to hook up with Armlook to make it THE PLACE to access the very latest in Armenian TV, news, music and movies. Armlook brings all of this content together for laid-back viewing and sharing with friends on social media.

Gavalian Studio, recognizing that online TV portals are becoming increasingly popular, set about providing high-quality design solutions for Armlook, including a user-friendly interface to make it even easier for people to find and watch their favorite content.

We also came up with personalized and unique concepts to enhance their branding identity, and we developed the Armlook App, enabling people to access all the content they love straight from their iPhone or iPad. Soon after the launch of this mobile app, Armlook became the top-rated, most watched TV portal among Armenians throughout the world.

We ensured that both the website and mobile app were created with a robust capability to support massive traffic without compromising users’ experience. 

Happy viewing!